Friday, July 27, 2012

Memories from recent Petoskey vacation

This was quick sketch of memory of church in France.

Our faithful camper!

Charlevoix, Mi

our day at Mackinac Island

Leland, Mi - "Fishtown"

Glen Arbor, Mi

My journalling explains most of these paintings.  It was a wonderful 10 day camping trip.  I tried to capture my favorite memories of the places we visited.  Some of the earliest ones were from a sketchbook painting class I took with Catherine Carey at Bayview.  She's who really got me started several years ago with keeping a watercolor sketchbook.


  1. Terry - I love these! What great vacation memories you've captured in your sketches. The Bay View pages are happy memories for me too. It was a great week, wasn't it?

  2. These are great sketches, Terry. I just love the area. Your camper looks so cute and cozy. Very nice!

  3. Hi Terry, I'm taking Laure's England class with you. Great sketches! Looks like you had a wonderful time and you got to take a class with Catherine! I wish she would teach online.

    1. Hi Sue - So glad to share the trip to England with you! I wondered if you are the Sue from Kathleen's class in Farmington? I also wish Catherine would teach online. I've encouraged her to but to no avail so far. I'm taking her Bayview class again in July and will nudge her again.

  4. Great reminder of your trip and all places I love. I'm headed to Petoskey in a couple weeks and will be taking in some of those same sights, not all, just some. I like your journal; I've seen
    Catherine's work and seen her sketching at BayView's Memorial Garden. One of these days I'm going to take her workshop.